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Muc-Off Ludicrous AF Chain Lube 50mL

by Muc-Off
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$64.99 - $64.99
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This one’s for the speed freaks. Say hello to the world’s fastest race lube. Stripped back to the bare essentials–no coloring, no fragrance, no additional corrosion inhibitor, just a unique blend of environmentally friendly raw ingredients designed to minimize chain friction and wear, while maximizing performance in all conditions

  • Ultra-low coefficient of friction
  • Class-leading low wear on chain components
  • Provides the ultimate performance in both wet and damp or dry and dusty conditions
  • Continues to improve with chain run-in due to continued surface improvement at a molecular level
  • Petroleum-free formula, environmentally friendly ingredients and biodegradable
  • Works in temperatures down to -20°C
  • Application Type: Drip
  • Petroleum Based: No
  • Unit of Sale: 50ml bottle

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