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Pro-Tec Athletics Liquicell Blister Protectors

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Pro-Tec LiquiCell Blister Bands are intended to prevent the formation of blisters and skin irritations. These blister bands have an adhesive back that should be applied to areas prone to blisters or irritation before they occur. LiquiCell Bands have liquid inside each band that moves around as you move, preventing blisters, hot spots, abrasions and bunions.

Blister Band Features:

  • Intended to prevent blisters, hot spots, abrasions and bunions.
  • Each band is filled with liquid that helps to further protect skin.
  • Each band is has an adhesive back that sticks to the skin


Large 1.75" x 1" sealed liquid 2.75" x 1.375" total coverage

Please see photos for detailed specifications.

We ship within the USA and International.

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*Specifications subject to change without notice from manufacturers