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Speedfil Sprint Kit

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$74.95 - $74.95
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The Sprint Kit combines the revolutionary Speedfil Z4 Cage and the R3 Single Rear Carrier in one package. The athlete can achieve optimal aerodynamics and hydration support with both of these cutting edge products.

The Z4 Cage is lightweight easily configurable and can be used on front, frame and rear saddle mounts.

The R3 Single Carrier can adapt to virtually any standard saddle and be further optimized by the dual pivot arm.

  • 2-Speedfil Z4 cages
  • 1 Garmin Adapter Arm
  • 1-Speedfil R3 single mount assembly with hardware.

NOTE: The R3 Single Rear Carrier is currently not compatible with ISM saddle model# PN3.0 and model #PN3.


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