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SPIbeam LED Running Hat Pink

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This hat is great for illuminating the path in front of you while you are on the trail, pathways, country lanes or wherever you may be! 

Multiple LED lights on the front and back of the hat ensure that you are able to see and be seen regardless of how dark it may get.

  • Multiple LEDs on Front and Back
  • Easy On/Off Switch
  • Replaceable Batteries – CR2032
  • Light Weight with Vents for Breathability
  • 128 Lumens

The SPIbeams™ LED Hat illuminates the world in front of you while keeping you safe from what is behind you – similar to a headlamp, but more comfortable! This hat is battery operated and has an easy to use on/off switch. Made from breathable material, the SPIbeams™ LED Hat allows you to remain cool, bright, and safe.

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