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TOGS Flex Thumb Grips

by Togs
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Color: Black

Togs are great for commuters, recreational bikers and racers alike. They fit nearly all handlebars and grips, including lock-on grips. TOgs add a control point to the top of the bar. Control the bar with your thumbs and conveniently index shift and brake from the Togs position.Togs give your hands and wrists a change of position. This means less wrist flexing and hand clenching, making an overall happier ride. Great for hand issues.

  • Rubber tip for comfort and shock absorption
  • 17deg rotation for ergonomic hand and wrist placement
  • Raised hood works with all grips
  • Flexible legs for easy install without removing grips
  • Lightly tighten until snug, TOGS should rotate on bars if forced
  • Made in the USA

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